Bulbophyllum reptans

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Family Genus Scientific Name
Orchidaceae Bulbophyllum Bulbophyllum reptans
Bulbophyllum micholitzii, Bulbophyllum grandiflorum, Bulbophyllum reptans var. acuta, Sunipia racemosa, Tribrachia reptans, Stelis racemosa, Tribrachia racemosa, Ione racemosa, Bulbophyllum ombrophilum, Hyalosema cominsii, Hyalosema micholitzii, Bulbophyllum cominsii, Phyllorkis reptans, Bulbophyllum clarkei, Sarcopodium grandiflorum, Bulbophyllum burfordiense, Ephippium grandiflorum, Phyllorkis grandiflora, Hyalosema burfordiense, Hyalosema grandiflorum
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