Colocasia esculenta

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Family Genus Scientific Name
Araceae Colocasia Colocasia esculenta
Common NamesSynonyms
Cocoyam,Dasheen,Taro,Eddo,Elephant's-ear,Coco yam,Wild taro,Elephant Ears,Elephant's ear,Kalo,MalangaArum esculentum, Colocasia antiquorum, Alocasia dussii, Arum lividum, Caladium colocasioides, Arum chinense, Caladium nymphaeaefolium, Colocasia esculenta var. acris, Colocasia esculenta var. euchlora, Colocasia esculenta var. fontanesii, Colocasia esculenta var. globulifera, Colocasia esculenta var. illustris, Colocasia esculenta var. typica, Calla gaby, Calla virosa, Colocasia acris, Colocasia himalensis, Colocasia formosana, Alocasia illustris, Colocasia konishii, Arum nymphaeifolium, Arum peltatum, Caladium esculentum, Caladium acre, Colocasia euchlora, Arum colocasioides, Arum colocasia, Colocasia aegyptiaca, Colocasia gracilis, Colocasia virosa, Colocasia vulgaris, Colocasia colocasia, Colocasia nymphaeifolia, Colocasia peltata, Colocasia neocaledonica, Zantedeschia virosa, Colocasia esculenta var. stolonifera, Colocasia esculenta var. rupicola, Caladium nymphaeifolium, Colocasia tonoimo, Leucocasia esculenta, Caladium glycyrrhizum, Aron colocasium, Steudnera virosa, Caladium violaceum, Cladium colocasia, Colocasia esculenta var. antiquorum, Colocasia esculenta var. aquatilis, Colocasia esculenta var. esculenta, Caladium antiquorum, Colocasia violacea, Colocasia esculenta var. nymphaeifolia
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